Profit Sharing Announcement!

As a financial co-operative, Bay Credit Union refunds its profits to the members who helped us earn it. This year Bay Credit Union will refund to our members 6.75% of the interest they have paid on loans and mortgages. Read more.  

Bay Credit Union Advantage!

Bay Credit Union prides itself on providing its members with friendly and responsive service. In fact, unlike most financial institutions, Bay Credit Union consistently rates high marks in independent surveys on Member Service.Bay Credit Union Limited is a financial institution dedicated to serving our members. We offer competitively priced deposits, loans, mortgages, and registered plans. Investment Services and Financial Planning are also now available. Bank in person, via ATM, online or by phone. We offer virtually everything that you would find at a bank but provide our services at cost to our members! We are jointly owned by our customers – our members! And because we are locally owned, every penny of our profits goes back into expanding services, paying dividends and loan rebates to our members, and to serving our local community.