142 South Algoma Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3B8

Phone: (807) 345-7612
Email: info@baycreditunion.com



At Bay Credit Union, we offer a variety of accounts to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Our Personal and Business Accounts offer a combination of fees and services based on the amount of banking activity you have. We offer special rates for members 59+.

For those who do not need regular access to funds and want to set aside funds for daily savings, check out our Savings Accounts. Choose from our Share Savings or our Daily Interest Accounts to best suit your needs.

If you are a frequent traveler to the U.S.A., our U.S. Savings Accounts offer the flexibility to deposit and withdraw without having to convert currencies each time. 

If you are a Lawyer, Notary or Law Firm, take a look at our Lawyer Trust Accounts to help manage your clients funds.