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The following are the most current loan rates available. Rate information is updated frequently. Interest rates published here are considered to be our base rates. All published rates are subject to change without notice.

Foreign Exchange Rates (January 23, 2018)

U.S. Buying from You         1.2264
U.S. Selling to You              1.2764
Euro Buying from You         1.4496
Euro Selling to You              1.5781

Loan Rates

Rates starting as low as Bay Credit Union’s Prime Rate.

Equity Line of Credit    Bay CU Prime  Rate 4.50 + .50%
Loans    5.00 to 18.00%
Fully Secured Loans    Bay CU Prime Rate 4.50 + 1.00%


Rates as low as 2.69%

1 Year Open           6.30%
1 Year Closed         3.24%
2 Year Closed         3.29%
3 Year Closed         3.49%
4 Year Closed         3.99%
5 Year Closed         4.99%

Savings & Investment Rates


30-59 Days         .20%
60-89 Days         .30%
90-179 Days       .40%
180-364 Days     .50%
1 Year        1.00%
2 Year        1.10%
3 Year        1.20%
4 year        1.30%
5 Year        1.50%

Daily Interest Account

Interest paid (0.05%) semi-annually on June 30 and December 31st. Interest is calculated on the lowest DAILY balance. This account is best for you if the balance of your savings account is expected to fluctuate, or if you need access to your savings for an emergency.

Share Deposit Account

With this savings account your rate of return is paid in the form of a “dividend” based on the profitability of Bay Credit Union. The dividend is paid after our Annual Meeting of the membership, which is held in November of each year. This rate of interest has typically been higher than the rate of return paid on our Daily Interest Savings account. Your rate of return will vary according to the profits earned by Bay Credit Union during the previous year. It is calculated on your lowest MONTHLY balance.