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Service Fees

We wouldn’t be a financial institution if we didn’t charge fees for our services and you wouldn’t be a regular person if these fees didn’t frustrate you.

At Bay Credit Union our philosophy is to charge you a fair fee for the service you use. While that may sound obvious, it’s not always the same at other financial institutions.

We are committed to offering you a pay-as-you-go option and packages that are priced fairly.

Service Fees can be viewed here.

Guidelines for Setting Service Fees

Bay Credit Union guidelines for setting service fees:

  1. Members using the same service are to receive fair and equitable treatment.
  2. It is important that members perceive service fees as fair and competitive, and that value is received for the service rendered.
  3. With fair and favourable pricing relative to the marketplace, members are to pay their fair share of costs for the services that they use.
  4. Charges and fees may be set to stimulate the usage of certain services or to deter undesirable practices, such as the writing of NSF cheques.
  5. In general, charges and fees are to be competitive in comparison with similar services or deterrent intentions available elsewhere.