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The simple way to send money directly to another person through your Online Account. 

Interac e-Transfer is a simple, convenient, and secure way to send and receive money directly from one Credit Union or bank account to another. All you need is access to online or mobile account through a participating financial institution, and you can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number1 and a bank or Credit Union account in Canada — without sharing any personal financial information. It’s a great alternative to cheques and cash.

Note: If you have never had an Electronic Funds Deposit (EFD) or Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) on your account, you will need to set this up at the branch before you can use e-transfers.

Send an Interac e-Transfer

Login to your Online Account at a participating financial institution

Choose Interac e-Transfer within the Transfer/Payment menu options
Select a recipient by entering an email address and/or mobile phone number
Fill in the Interac e-Transfer information (dollar amount, account from which to withdraw the funds, a security question that only the recipient will know the answer to and optional personal message)
Follow the instructions to confirm the information and complete the transfer

If you haven’t signed up for online account access, visit us in branch to set up your acocunt to be used online. 

e-Transfer Limits

  Daily Weekly Monthly
Sending/Outgoing $10,000 $10,000 $20,000
Incoming $10,000 $70,000 $300,000

How your Interac e-Transfer is protected

When you send money using Interac e-Transfer, your money never actually travels by email or text message. Email and text messages are only used to notify the recipient and to provide instructions on how to deposit the money. Your financial institution and your recipient’s financial institution transfer funds using established and secure financial procedures.

Interac e-Transfer relies on several security measures:

  • Encryption technology
  • Confidential user IDs and passwords issued by financial institutions
  • A secure login process
  • A security question and answer to ensure only the intended recipient receives the money

See the Interac e-transfer website for more information!